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've been working as an accountant for the past ten years and I have probably looked at the BIR tax calendar thousands of time by now. But every time I do I still need a moment (could be minutes, depends on the time of the day) to focus  in order to identify the date I'm interested in. Yes even I, still get confused with the BIR tax calendar. So then I realized new business owners trying to file taxes on their own must be getting headaches! No wonder a lot of entrepreneurs just blindly rely on what their bookkeepers/accountants tell them to do. Which is very dangerous by the way.  

But don't get me wrong the BIR tax calendar is clear and very straightforward, the only thing that's making it seem complicated is the long list of all possible deadlines that cover the different processes of filing, payment, submission and issuance.  It's understandable, BIR only issues one version of the tax calendar yearly so it needs to list everything there. 

So then I thought, how wonderful it would be to own a tax calendar which only lists the deadlines that are applicable to my business. A calendar that lays out all my tax deadlines for the entire year, so I can plan my activities around it months in advance. 

I took the time to list all the tax deadlines found at the BIR website, created a questionnaire directed to identify the applicable taxes of the person answering it, then from the answers create an automation that lays out all relevant dates in a calendar. I then shared this to our clients and their response were overwhelming.  Their delight and appreciation was very unexpected. So now, I'm sharing this for free to everyone who can benefit from it. 

When you've received your tax calendar, let me know what you think of it thru the comments section below.  Click the button below to start creating your customized tax calendar. 

UPDATE: We've included all other statutory compliance deadlines, such as SEC, business permit and payroll (Philhealth, SSS and Pagibig).

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  • Elpidia Pascua says:

    Meron po ako concern…nagparegistered lang po ako sa BIR, business permits and so on..pero di po kami nag ooperate ng isang taon..renewal po ng business permit ay sa feb 2018…paano po yun? Kailangan pa magreport sa BIR

  • Hello, this is best discussed in our support group on facebook. You may join here CPA BPOnline Support Group

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