Find out the complete content of RA 10963, the TRAIN law and be prepared of the consequences in your business

We have already seen a lot of infographics going around showing vividly but partially the changes TRAIN law will bring in 2018. So in this blog post, I've prepared something different. The TRAIN law has amended 69 laws, revoked 3 laws and created 8 new laws, only a dozen of these has been touched by the popular infographics.

But since our readers are all accountants or business owners, we need to know the complete content of the TRAIN law so that we can prepare for it in our business. Ignorance of the law won't excuse us. And this burden is heavier for us as business owners and accountants.

So, to help us, we have created a comprehensive list of the contents of the TRAIN law so that you can get a bird's eye view of topics covered by the TRAIN law so you can quickly check if, what or how will your business be affected. Download the pdf by clicking the button below.


About the Author

Edna Diano-Verano, Founder of CPA BPOnline